Information for Performers

As an area musician, offering your time and talents for outreach performances through Music for Seniors provides a unique and manageable opportunity for you to participate in valuable community service. You will make a difference in the lives of older adults doing what you love.

Who can participate as a performer for Music For Seniors?

You can! Whether you are an accomplished professional or a talented semi-professional or student musician or vocalist, we welcome you. Whether you perform solo or with a group, if you desire to give back to the community using your gifts and talents, then we would love to hear from you.

Our musician participants are the heart of this organization. Your respect for, enjoyment of and high regard for older adults is key. Your engagement with these appreciative audience members and the joyful connections you make with these individuals through your music outreach is the soul of our work. This is civic involvement that will give back to you even more than you give.

Who will my audience be?

We serve older adult groups at senior centers, in area day programs, retirement and assisted living communities, nursing homes and other settings. We also serve individual, home-bound seniors.

Whenever possible, we will try to schedule you for performances near your home or work. Staying “in your neighborhood” helps support your commitment to the program and strengthens our commitment to fostering community-building through connections.

What is expected from Music For Seniors performers?

Our musicians perform one-hour programs based on music known and loved by senior audiences. Some examples: standards from the 1920s through the 1950s, camp songs, pop favorites, songs from Broadway shows, familiar hymns, patriotic songs and classical pieces.

We are ready to help you with this material. We have songbooks available and can point you to resources for expanding and polishing your “senior” repertoire. You can take requests. You can build performances around a theme, i.e., Cowboy Songs, Love Songs, Broadway Musicals. You can make it fun and use your imagination. This is about giving this audience what they love: music they know, music they can sing along with. Here are some examples: You Are My Sunshine, Home on the Range, Down in the Valley, Blue Moon, I Come to the Garden Alone, Amazing Grace, Do Lord, This Little Light of Mine, America the Beautiful, My Country ‘Tis of Thee and popular classical pieces.

Before and after the performance you are expected to “meet and greet” audience members, getting to know individuals over time, listening and sharing experiences with them and connecting in a significant way. This is an important element of our programming.

Is there an orientation?

Yes. To participate as a regularly-scheduled musician through our organization, you are required to attend a program orientation. This provides you the opportunity to learn about us and consider whether you want to continue forward.

Orientation lasts about one hour and is scheduled as a luncheon or as an early evening wine-and-cheese gathering. During that time, you will get a brief history and overview of the organization and learn about our values, our philosophies and how we operate. We will also instruct you on our specific music delivery model and you will receive a Music for Seniors Performer Handbook.

If we are unfamiliar with your work, we will arrange a later opportunity for auditioning you.

Will I be paid for the performances? Am I expected to volunteer?

For your participation, Music For Seniors offers a per-performance stipend. We have a standard, set stipend for our regular programming, with higher stipends paid for special events and concert performances. (These vary and are determined on a per-performance basis.)

Performers are required to complete a Federal W-9 taxpayer identification form. Checks are issued and sent to you monthly via U.S. mail after you complete your final performance for that calendar month.

While we do pay stipends for performances, we also encourage you to donate one performance every six months as a gift to the organization. By contributing in this way, you actively participate in our ability to subsidize performances for low income seniors.

When are the performances?

Performances are scheduled for day-time or early evening. They can be during the week or on the weekend, depending on the scheduling needs of the groups and individuals we serve and coordinated with your availability and preferences.

How do I get started?

Complete our simple online application.

Or mail your application to:

Sarah Martin McConnell
Music For Seniors
161 Rains Ave.
Nashville, TN 37203